We want to be the easiest way for teachers to take their classrooms online.

Every semester at IIIT-D, we noticed instructors setting up these tools and links which made course management seem like a harder job than the course itself. We thought we could do better.

Backpack is designed to be all you need to connect with your students and manage your classroom. While being extremely simple to use - anytime, anywhere.

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The Team

Apoorv Narang

Co-Founder and CEO

Apoorv Singh

Co-Founder and Developer

Jayasi Mehar

Co-Founder and Developer

Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

Co-Founder and Advisor

Dr. Vinayak Naik

Chief Architect

Ankur Singh

Web Developer

Karan Grover

Android Developer

Prasant Chidella

Web Developer

Sahil Shekhawat

Android Developer

We stand on the shoulders of giants.

Backpack is possible because of tons of open-source software developed by awesome people around the world.

The whole app is written in Ruby on Rails with MySQL and Redis databases running on an Nginx server. We use Bootstrap and jQuery extensively in our frontend. We use Solr to search discussions and Sentry for error reporting.