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Fast Adoption

Modern interface

Within minutes of using Backpack, you'll realize how easy it is to adopt. We wanted to ensure that we build something teachers and students actually want to use.

Easy setup

Backpack is cloud based and does not require lengthy setups and manuals. Institutes can get started in minutes.

Dedicated Support

We offer dedicated email support and SLAs for all teachers and students in an institute. Even if you need help uploading an assignment, we're there.

Admin features

Access control

Control which students and teachers can access Backpack for your institute. You can also create and arrange courses by semesters.

Google Apps Integration

If your institute uses Google Apps, we give you direct integration so that no one needs to manage another password.

Reports and Analytics

Keep track of all Backpack activity in your institute with our reports and analytics.



Our annual subscription pricing makes it easy for you to start and cancel anytime.

Customized for you

We offer affordable and customized pricing based on the number of students and instructors in your institute.

Try it out

We allow some institutes to try out Backpack for a special trial pricing for one semester. Get in touch with us if you're interested.

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