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Stay connected to your students


Make announcements and notify your whole class instantly.


Instant email and mobile push notifications keep the whole class up to date with what's happening in their courses.


Whether it's an interesting link to share or an urgent doubt in the middle of the night, anyone in the class can ask a question or start a discussion.

Organize your class


Upload your class material or post links or videos to share with the whole class.


Whether it's an assignment or just a recommended reading, you can set deadlines for students and collect all their submissions at once.

Course information

Backpack eliminates the need of a course website by easily letting you post all information and logistics about your course at one place.


Backpack lets you send individual grades and feedback to students. You can even easily import and export from excel.


Mark your whole class' attendance in seconds or upload via an excel sheet.

Students and Groups

Managing students and organizing them into groups for submissions and communication has never been easier.

Collaborative learning

Follow discussions

Along with replying in discussions, students can follow interesting discussions to stay updated.


Real-time polls let you get instant feedback from the whole class. Students can vote from their mobile as well.

Group support

If enabled, students can submit deadlines in a group. You can also create groups to communicate with only a few students.

TAs and co-instructors

Add teaching assistants and co-instructors to your course to collaborate on your classes.

Anonymous discussions

You can enable students to post discussions anonymously so that they have a safe space for their views.


With upvotes, students can support the correct answer and you can give a badge of approval.

Take Backpack on the go

Android and iOS

With Backpack for Android and Backpack for iOS, you can now ask questions, download your lectures and keep a track of that upcoming deadline, right on your phone.

Push notifications

Students get native push notifications for their course activity as well as replies to their discussions.

Offline support

Most content in the apps is cached offline so that you can access it even if you don't have a connection.

Fast and easy adoption

Modern user experience

We wanted to ensure that we build something teachers and students actually want to use. Within minutes of using Backpack, you'll realize how easy it is to navigate and use.


Backpack is cloud based and does not require lengthy setups and manuals. You can get started in seconds.

Adding students

You can easily invite students to Backpack with a joining code or add them via an excel sheet.


After your semester is over, you can choose to keep your course content hidden or visible.


When you're offering the same course next time on Backpack, we let you import content from your previous course so that you're setup in seconds.


We don't collect or use any course content uploaded by your or your students. You can delete it anytime you want.

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