DES302 - Animation & Graphics


Winter 2020

4 credits


Manohar Khushalani

Teaching Assistants

Info - Animation & Graphics, IIIT-Delhi


This course will take you right through the fundamentals of Graphic Design from photorealism up to the point where fantasy and imagination begins. You will understand usage of the colour wheel. Through actual classroom exercises, you will be able to understand concepts of how to put 3D objects on a 2D paper. Visualise the physical space, create it through the computers, visualising scenes, lighting them, understanding surfaces, materials, animating anything you create, including objects, lights, cameras. Even studying the effects of weather on how you view things. For those who are creative even the sky is not your limit

  • Animation and Graphics Course Outline   
  • Digital Art 
  • Visual Chemistry of Colours 
  • Principles of Engineering Drawing 
  • Isometric Drawing and Perspective 
  • Modelling of  3d Objects 
  • Materials of Objects 
  • Surface Mapping of Images and materials 
  • Lighting 
  • Principles of Animation 
  • Creating  Movement Paths 
  • Virtual Camera Positioning and movements 


By the end of this course, a student will have a basic ability to:

  • Choose appropriate colour combinations for presentations
  • To create digital art
  • Understand concepts of Isometric and Perspective drawing
  • Create  Simple or complex objects and architectural structures
  • Create 3d ‘walk-throughs’
  • Make Photo Realistic Scenes
  • Create Animated Montages for Television or for presentations
  • Create Titles for Films
  • Make Short Animation sequences
  • For the more ambitious making a career in media will be a possibility


There will be one midterm exam for this course. Since this will be a 

hands-on course, students are expected to attend and complete weekly labs, mini 
projects, as well as prepare a final term project that utilizes most of the tools they 
have learnt. The provisional breakdown for these various elements are:
Mid-term Theory Exam 20%
MidSem Poster Project 15%
Assignments  25% 
Autocad Project and Quiz 15%
Endsem Project 15%
Class Participation 10%


Generally, all that's needed to take up the program is a basic ability to handle a pc mouse. Even on a laptop a 3 button mouse would be required, a digital pen, though useful, is not really necessary
While no prior experience or background in animation is required to enter this program, having some artistic skill and an ability to turn creative ideas into enticing imagery is advantageous.

Class Timings

Every Tuesday  10.30 am to 12.00 Noon
Every Thursday 12.00 Noon to 1.30 pm

Office Hours

Any Day by appointment


The suggested text books for the course are:
Grokking the GIMP: Advanced Techniques for working with Digital Images
by Carey Bunks

3ds Max 8 From Modeling To Animation
by Boris Kulagin(Author) BPB (Publisher)
List Price: Rs 240/- ISBN-13: 978-81-8333-201-9

Other reference books are:

Advance 3Ds Max 5 - Modeling & Animation
by Kulagin(Author) BPB (Publisher)
List Price: Rs 240/- ISBN-13: 978-81-7656-780-0
On-line resources
• 3ds Max 2008 Documentation