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Learning Management System without the baggage

Backpack was designed with just one goal - to help instructors teach effectively and connect with their students.

You shouldn't have to worry about setups, integrations, LTI or even the word LMS. Backpack gets out of the way to enable you to do what you do best - spread knowledge.

Modern and easy interface

Within minutes of using Backpack, you'll realize how easy it is to adopt. We wanted to ensure that we build something teachers and students actually want to use.

Mobile focused

Our native and free mobile apps let you manage your class on the go. So you can connect with students where they spend most of their time.

No setup

Backpack is cloud based and does not require lengthy setups and manuals. You can connect with your students faster than ever - anytime, anywhere.

Backpack for Teachers

We know college professors have less time and a big responsiblity of spreading knowledge effectively. With Backpack, you can organize your class and communicate with students effortlessly, ultimately saving time and teaching better.

You can post resources, give assignments, make announcements, start polls and much more in just a few seconds. All your students are instantly notified and you can keep track of their activity.

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Backpack for Institutes

Backpack for Institutes lets colleges and universities smoothly take their courses and learning online. With our remarkable ease-of-use and mobility, adoption is faster than ever.

Administrators can customize Backpack, control user access as well as get detailed reports and analytics of all Backpack activity of their institute. Institutes also get dedicated support and SLA for all students and professors.

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Finally a Backpack that fits in your pocket

With Backpack for Android and Backpack for iOS, you can now ask questions, download your lectures and keep a track of that upcoming deadline, right on your phone. Take your classroom with you - anytime, anywhere.

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What people say about Backpack

"A fully featured course admin service! On top, it gives you Web 2.0 experience without an overload of information."

Dr. Vinayak Naik, Assistant Professor, IIIT-Delhi

"It's great to have platform where I can openly ask any doubt and not worry when my next deadline is. "

Apoorv Saini, IIIT-Delhi student and Founder of Wizters

"Finally a tool that unites efficiency and usability. Reaching out to students and handling course management has never been easier."

Dr. Alexander Fell, Assistant Professor, IIIT-Delhi